Nature purifies water through a process called the hydrological cycle. In this process, water evaporates from our streams, lakes and other forms of surface water and goes up to the sky in the form of vapour. In this vapour state, water is as pure as it can be with all the contaminants left behind. Our ancestors collected rain water to use for various purposes … they knew it was better than water from other sources, for many things. (You can click on the picture below to enhance it’s view. Full view 67KB)


The Hydrological Cycle (67KB)THE HYDROLOGICAL CYCLE is natures method of purifying water.

When enough vapour has joined together in the form of clouds, it can fall to the earth as rain, snow, etc. This moisture is relatively free from impurities with the exception of contaminants collected from the air during its journey down.Water is sometimes referred to as “natures solvent” due to its ability to dissolve whatever it touches and as soon as it reaches the ground it begins to dissolve and collect everything from rocks to pesticides.

Business package

Your Initial purchase provides a solid foundation on which to build your business:

Site location
Lease negotiation
Store design
Preliminary drawings
Contracting and supervision of construction
Accounting system
Assistance with recruitment, hiring and training of staff
Preparation and on-hand assistance for your Grand Opening
Advertising program

Once you are established, The Water Source continue to support you on an on-going basis:

Regular In-store review with our staff service consultants


Assistance in improving store performance
New product research, development and introduction to the marketplace
On-going negotiations with suppliers for better buying power and quality
Continued analysis of the industry to improve competitive edge
Review and refinement for further development of all operational systems
Expansion of resources for advertising, promotion and sales

The Water Source is a division of Curetex Medical Devices Inc. which was incorporated in October of 1990. This is an all-Canadian company who’s major share holder is Michael Molnar, president.

Curetex Medical Devices Inc. was initially a distributor of medical equipment to hospitals and medical practitioners. In 1991 Curetex Medical Devices looked at other marketing avenues that showed a great deal of future growth opportunities. In May of 1991, Curetex Medical Devices was able to secure exclusive rights for a number of filtration arid conditioning devices and made its formal entry into the water purification and conditioning market.

After a year of extensive marketing research and planning Curetex completed The Water Source concept and opened up Its first retail store In St. Catharines In June of 1992. This marked a new beginning in the ever growing water purification and conditioning business.

The training

Learning the basics is what training is all about!
The Water Source Training Program has been designed to provide you with all the skills necessary for running a successful franchise. One-on-one training has been developed from actual hands-on experience in running our very successful model stores. You will find this training very helpful in developing your own profitable franchise.


You will learn one-on-one and step-by-step The Water Source’s operational system. You will have hands-on training, learning both “back-of-house” and “front-of-the-house” procedures. Once your own store is ready, our field service consultants will be there to assist and guide you through your Grand Opening. The support doesn’t stop there. It continues into the future. The Water Source Head Office holds monthly meetings to update all franchisees on new water purification products and systems.

After successful completion, you will receive a certificate in the “Water Quality Programme.”

Marketing program

Our marketing staff will be working hard on your behalf long before your store even opens.
As a new Water Source franchise, you will benefit from The Water Source’s exciting advertising and promotional programs-a strategic mix of media placement, direct mail, co-op programs and in-store promotions.

These programs are developed:

To increase the awareness of the company and new store locations.
To increase consumer traffic at every store.
To Increase store revenue, annually.
Not only is advertising essential to producing results, but at The Water Source, one of our secrets of success is putting a lot of energy Into our local advertising programs. When The Water Source goes into a community it becomes part of that community The local programs, Initiated by the marketing staff and executed by one of the franchisees themselves, have one main focus; to increase community awareness and potential profits, while developing a reputation for providing quality drinking water at an affordable price.

At The Water Source, marketing is and always will be an essential part of our business. As a member of The Water Source’s co-operative franchise system, and as one of the owners of The Water Source, you will have a say and a vote in all our marketing programs. You will be able to use your advertising contribution to “buy in” to those programs that best suit your store’s needs.


Thank you for your expressed interest in our company. The Water Source deserves your serious consideration because it represents a sound business investment in an area of rapid growth. It meets a genuine need as people become more concerned about the water they drink, the food they eat, and the air they breathe. That is why the market for purified water and water purification products – Our Market – is one of unlimited potential.

What sets The Water Source apart from other companies in the field is its unique one-stop shopping approach to the market. Our attractive, boutique-style retail outlets offer customers a complete range of products. And to give franchisees an ever greater “edge” on the competition, The Water Source has now obtained exclusive Canadian rights for a superb line of water conservation products. This new and complementary addition will ensure product diversity and future growth.

Joining our operation is affordable. Surprisingly so, given the high prices demanded by other franchise operations. One reason for this is because we are not a franchise in the traditional sense. Start-up costs are reasonable and monthly charges minimal. Our head office personnel are both constructive and supportive. We don’t, in fact, believe in heavy-handed, top-down management. People who join our team join as partners, and their input is welcomed! Those are just some of the features that make The Water Source unique. Like to know more? Contact us today for a better tomorrow!